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Madura V1200 Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram


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To have your photos posted, send and e-mail to madura at with your photo as an attachment. Be sure to include your name, city/state, e-mail address and your Madura story with your e-mail to ensure that it will get posted.

Gert van Amersfoort
(3-6-02) Here are some pictures of my Madura-project. I got the bike in a really bad condition and I started directly the restoring project. I took completely apart the bike and sandblasted it. They painted it for me in a bicycle factory (painted and aftwerwards in an oven) in a very special color. I made forward controls and widened and streched the frontfork.

The only thing yet is stretching the gastank and getting the spokes in a unrusted condition. Driving the bike is a great pleasure after a long period looking, waiting for and installing certain engineparts that were broken.

Gert van Amersfoort (GertJ) from Vaassen, The Netherlands

Kay McCampbell
(3-20-02) I bought this 1985 - GV1200 in the fall of 2000. It had suffered 15 years and 14K miles of benign neglect. The original red paint had done a champagne to red fade. The seat covers were ratty. Rakes had fallen on it in the shed it lived in. It had been dropped in the driveway. It was FILTHY. But, it ran like new and had a documented service record. I paid $1200 for it within minutes of seeing it.

I rode it for the remainder of the 2000 season, then brought it inside for a little work. I repainted it with blue metalflake over a midnight purple metallic base. Sewed new seat covers. Stripped, sanded, polished and cleared all the aluminum. Cleaned it and did a bit of detailing. Got it some new rubber, serviced it and it was good for the 2001 season.

This last fall I decided that I could no longer live with the factory radiator covers. As you can see, after about 100 hours of sketching and 50 hours of cutting, fitting, welding, polishing, etc, I got something interesting. And definitely not factory.

Kay McCampbell, Halfmoon, NY

Henry Loewen
(5-3-02) Ray Nikkel writes: We wanted to have [this picture] posted on the owner's picture page because it is likely the only "Factory Original Charcoal Grey Madura" the guys here will ever see. This is one of the four Canadian colours the bike came in and as far as I know the only one anyone has ever seen. The owner has become a riding buddy of ours and we are trying to get him to come to Mayhem. He does not have access to the net so he has asked me to send this to you and see if you will post it. The first time I saw this guy he was riding down main street holding his front wheel up for several blocks, Man this guy knows how to ride.

The following is the story he gave me to send to you. I think we should add that it is a Factory Original Charcoal Grey Madura because the picture does not show it that well and at first look it appears black.

Here's the story from the owner:
In the Spring of 1986 I went to Action Power Sales on Henderson HWY., Winnipeg, MB., Canada. I asked for the most powerful cruiser bike they had. The owner showed me a 1985 Madura 1200, charcoal grey in colour. Nobody wanted it, so for $4600 (Canadian) it came with two helmets and I bought it.

A friend had a 1983 Honda V65. In the first 10,000 KM we raced too many times to count but, both agreed which ever bike lost it was the fault of the rider.

Henry Loewen, from Winnipeg, MB Canada

David Orens
(5-10-02) These are our "babies", The black one is mine, and the red one is madurams1's. We bought the black one in 1986, brand new off the showroom floor. It's been a good bike... that's for sure. The red one we just bought, from one of your other readers. It's a great bike too. madurams1... LOVES it. We try to get in as much riding as we can up here in Washington.

David and Sarah, from Tacoma, WA
a.k.a maduramr1 & madurams1

(6-8-02) I'm a member of the Madura group already, I go by the nickname of nutty35 and have posted many questions about my GV1200. I bought the bike in June of 2001, it had 18,000 miles on it. The front exhaust pipes were damaged/dented on the bottom, probably from going over some curb. The gas tank had part of the clear coat gone on the top of the tank.

Through advice from others on this site I sent the pipes away to "The Exhaust Works". They fixed them up good as new. A friend redid the tank and added some custom flames for good measure. I just installed a K&N air filter yesterday.

The bike is truly nice in all ways. It now has just over 19,000 miles on it and runs like a clock. I still want to get some crash bars ( or case guards ) to put on it as well as some saddle bags.

I'm thankful for this web page. It's helped me very much and I now feel confident that I have a source when and if things occur. Thank you for also letting me post a picture of my bike on your site and thank you for including me in the Madura Family.

Ken, a.k.a. nutty35

Gerry and Lynne
(6-11-02) Here is a pic of my recently purchased Madura GV1200. I was looking for a replacement for my 1983 Yamaha 900 SECA when I noticed an ad for a Madura GV1200 in our local Buy & Sell paper. The bike for sale was a six hour drive away. So I checked the Madura web site and contacted a Madura GV1200 owner much closer - with the intent of “just sitting” on his bike to see if it would fit me comfortably. After a couple hours of discussion, and a test drive, he saved me a long drive and sold me his well cared for and pampered baby. The synergy was incredible - I have found a gold nugget among all the grains of sand. This is an awesome bike! Comfortable in the city and a sport rider's dream on the twisties (and there is no shortage of twisties here in British Columbia!!).

When the sun is shining we check out all the best riding around our beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We plan on keeping her a very long time and collecting many great memories along the way. However, our Madura does get lonely as she rarely sees others of her kind - so if you are coming to Vancouver, B.C., be sure to let us know in advance so we can get together for a ride.

Gerry (aka MaduraRider) and Lynne, Vancouver, B.C.
Email us at:

Ron Giles
(3-6-02) I recently restored my 1985 GV1200 Suzuki Madura after it had sat for close to four years; this was due to a girlfriend that didn't like motorcycles. Once I did get it started I could hear some rather unpleasant noise coming from the valves. I called the local dealership that would not even look at it due to the age of the bike, but referred me to someone who would. We came to an understanding that the noise did appear to be coming from the top end of the motor. He agreed to work on the motor and allow me to pull it myself and bring it to him.

Once I removed the motor and took it to the shop, I chose to continue and completely strip the bike down to the frame. I had the frame powder coated along with a lot of various other smaller pieces. I also took all the aluminum off the bike (side covers, valve covers, triple tree, rear seat rails, etc.) and had them polished. Once I got the aluminum pieces back from the polisher, I took them locally to a company that does clear Powder Coating and dropped them off to protect the new shiny parts. I called a few weeks later to check on the progress of the job and was informed that all the pieces were stolen out of the shop. I was devastated!

I called the dealership only to find out that half of the parts were discontinued. The only saving grace was that before I started this project I did some research using the Internet to locate a speedometer and tachometer for this bike. I found I company in Milwaukee that had a complete 1200 Madura but didn't have the speedometer or tachometer. I called them up and was able to get all the parts with the exception of the headlight brackets and secondary case cover. I was able to finally locate the secondary case cover in Honolulu and was able to get the headlight brackets from the dealership.

I took them back to the company that did the original polish job and had them do it again, only this time the parts were in much worse condition and needed more attention than the originals. The dilemma now was how was I going to protect them from the weather? I was not going to take them back to the same place they were stolen from, since I knew that I would probably not be able to find these parts again. So I chose to have them chromed by the same company that did the polishing. I did get full reimbursement from the Powder coating company that they were stolen from. They paid to have them polished again plus all shipping costs.

I started this project last October and am just now getting it back together this weekend. Some other things I did while I had the bike apart were: I rebuilt all the brakes and had them powder coated black, replaced all brake lines and radiator hoses with steel braided cables, and replaced all bearings in the bike with exception of the wheel bearings.

This project has been a true test of patience, but I did really enjoy this project. I chose to rebuild this bike instead of buying a new one. I looked at the new bikes out today and nothing really caught my eye like the Madura did when I first saw it on the dealership floor in 1985. Besides that, I only paid $4500.00 for the bike brand new. The newer bikes with the same motor size are going for over double if not close to triple that amount. I now have a brand new 1985 Suzuki GV1200 and it is now a one of a kind bike. After all is said and done the entire project cost me just over $5000.00.

Take care of the bike you have cause I know first hand that parts for the Madura are a rare and hard find as well as very expensive!

Thank you,
Ron Giles from Glendale, AZ
[Ron sold this bike to George Spradling in Georgia Spring 1993]

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