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To have your photos posted, send and e-mail to madura at with your photo as an attachment. Be sure to include your name, city/state, e-mail address and your Madura story with your e-mail to ensure that it will get posted.
Tom Nichol
I thought I was the only one around that owned a Madura! I'm really glad that I found your site. I bought my '85 Madura 1200 GLF in 1997 with 13k miles on it, and have only put on about 7k to date. I had the advantage of working in a machine shop a couple of years ago, and as you see in the picture, was able to make my own forward controls. Talk about a nice riding bike!! Many of your members mentioned their bikes rough running at >3000 to 4500 rpm. I don't have that problem at all. My bike runs smooth at all speeds and r's. Its good to see that there are alot of people out there who appreciate their Madura like I do. I don't have any technical issues now, but with this site available, I feel a little more comfortable knowing there is information out there.

Tom Nichol, Pecatonica, IL

Kenny Webster
Here are the photos I took of my customized Madura, it's an '86 1200 Madura slightly altered. It looks and sounds great. Some of the people who responded to my ad wanted to see pictures of my bike, so here they are. Any comments can be e-mailed to me.

Kenny Webster, Lubbock, TX

Bill Rollo
Here's a picture of my daughter Jessie just before we went for a ride last week - thought you all might like to see it! She's 5 years old, and (with the help of a safety harness) enjoys rides in the Rocky Mountain Foothills of Alberta with her Dad on "her" Madura! The site is great - keep up the great work!

Bill Rollo, Black Diamond, AB Canada

Les Konley
I traded my Honda Shadow 500 for a black V1200 with only 600 miles on it back in 1986 - like brand new! It was my main mode of transportation for three years in California, but then I sold it when I moved back to Chicago (Stupid! Both things!). in 1999, I bought another V1200 and trailered it back from Phoenix to Denver and have spent lots of time restoring it (the last guy didn't take care of it). Though it was originally red, I had it painted jet gloss black, without replacing the Suzuki decal on the tank - because I think this bike looks sweet with no other colors but black and chrome! I'm having trouble getting the carbs to run right (it runs rich in the Mile High city), but I'll never get rid of it again! In fact, I'll probably buy another if I find one with less than 10,000 miles that has been garage-kept. (I did, see Page 4).

Les Konley, Denver, CO madura at

Scott Berglund
My name is Scott Berglund and I live in Fridley, Minnesota, and I would just like to say that I love your site dedicated to Madura's. It is nice to see that there are other Madura fans out there too. Mine is a 1986 1200 and it now has 18,500 miles on it, I have owned it since 1995 and the only thing I have had to do to it is oil changes and replace the brakes, this bike is virtually maintenance free. It seems that whenever I ride it anywhere I always seem to get a compliment on my bike.

Scott Berglund, Fridley, MN

Daryl Earls
My name is Daryl Earls. Here is a picture of my "new" 1985 1200 Madura. I just bought it this weekend (April 2000) and joined your page this week. I've been waiting patiently for a chance to buy one of these. My patience finally paid off in spades. At least I think it did. This bike was in the local news paper for 2 days before I saw it and nobody called on it The bike came with 2 matching Bell maroon helmets and 2 Black half helmets for $1600.00 It as 18,000 miles on it but looks cherry.

Daryl Earls, Independence, KY

Greg Walters
I just bought this bike - I have a Goldwing, but love to ride the Madura V1200!
Jim Sepello
Jim has sent us our first Madura-in-Motion picture so that the rest of us know what we look like when we're riding. This photo was taken from another bike.
Jim Montague
I bought my '85' Madura 1200 on May 31, 2000. The bike needed a lot of cosmetic work. It was taken out of service in 1997 with 19,450 miles. I had to replace the clutch release solenoid and the clutch hose. I was informed by Suzuki that the hose has been discontinued. I had a stainless steel braided hose custom made for about $65.00. The paint was shot. I repainted the bike using a 2 stage base coat/clear coat and tried to match the color as close as possible. I had the seat reupholstered for about $40.00 and added saddle bags. The clear coat paint on the aluminum was a mess. It took several days of polishing to clean it up. The carbs have been rebuilt and the bike runs great. I have a few more details to work on before it is finished. I would like to change or modify the mufflers to get a deeper (Harley) sound. My only regret in the purchase was finding out that Suzuki has discontinued many of the parts for this bike. So for now I will just enjoy riding it until the tires fall off. Good luck and good riding to all the Madura Owners, Dr. Monty.

Jim Montague, Valle Vista, CA

Fred Pettersen In Norway
I am Fred from Norway. I got two Maduras. The first one a black '86 1200GLG, I bought in '97. It is imported from USA. It had 9,000 mileage when I received it. Now it got 33,000 miles!! I have been riding it cross-country in Norway for three years. It has always been treating me good. In the winter 2000 I bought my second Madura (the red one). Even that bike is borned in USA (California). It is a '85 1200GLF. When I received the bike it had 12,000 miles on it. At this moment I got 18,000 miles on it, and there is still some more weeks of the summer here in Norway. The bike is running really good, and there have not been any technicial problems at all with the bike.

Both bikes, when I received them, had the typical Madura look with corroded engine covers and rusty wheel rims. I have been doing a lot of work to restore the covers back to "new look". And I realy made it (as you see at the photos)!!! If anyone wants to know how to restore your bike to the new factory look, you can just mail me.

Well, take a careful look at my ladies, and tell me back what do you think.

Ride your ladies carefully, guys!!

Fred Pettersen from Sarpsborg Norway

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