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1986 Madura V1200 Brochure
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Madura V1200 Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram



In an attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions heard about the Madura over the years, as well as this website, here is an ever growing list which may give you the answers you are looking for.
How did this website get started, and why is the Discussion Board on a different website?
A college professor (name cannot be recalled), owning a Madura himself, decided to create a website of information for Maduras back in 1997 or there abouts. In 1999, he sold his Madura and advertised for a webmaster to take over the site maintenance and administration. Les Konley, who was an original Madura owner of a V1200 in 1986, and now a website developer as a profession and Colorado resident, took over the site in the middle of 1999. He has maintained the site since then.

The website's registered ownership list grew from about 120 in 1999 to over 700 in 2003. The new interface was brought online on July 8, 2003, with 5 entirely new sections, 47 pages of Madura magazine articles, 146 scanned parts microfiche images, and the site is now made up of over 435 files (graphics, text and programming) and takes 20MB of disk space. What did the old website look like between 1999 and 2003? Click Here to check it out.

In late 2000(?), another Madura owner (Taz) created the Madura Discussion Board, hosted on Delphi Forums, and it is a complete separate internet entity to which this website links to. The Suzuki Madura Riders Forum grew from a few dedicated Madura fanatics in 2000 to hundreds of monthly visitors with dozens of regular posting members in 2003. Recently, Greg Galeles, a.k.a. GV1200, and owner of SEVEN Maduras himself, took over the administration of the Madura Discussion Board.

The idea behind all the enthusiasm was best stated by Greg at the 2003 Madura Mayhem, held here in Colorado in June: "The more attention we bring to the Madura, the longer it will live."

What is the Madura Mayhem, and how did it come about?
It the only and largest annual gathering of Maduras, along with their Owners, meeting in different places across the country for group rides and fun. Visit the Madura Mahem page for all the details.

How many Maduras were made, and for how many years were they produced?
Thanks to Peter Seifert of Vernon, B.C., Canada, we now know that in 1984, Suzuki produced 3438 units and in 1985 there were 1661 for a total of 5099 total production, which includes both the V700 and V1200 models. Maduras were manufactured in 1984 and 1985 for the 1985 and 1986 year models, respectively. Two sizes of the machines were made, but it is unknown how many of each were produced. I believe the V700 model was only manufactured for the 1985 model year, while the V1200's were manufactured for both the 1985 and 1986 model years.

How many different Madura models were manufactured?
Two engine displacements, the V700 (698cc) and V1200 (1168cc), each included three different model numbers, depicted by the suffix letters after the model number:, GLF, GLF2 and GLG. Maduras originally came in only three factory-standard colors: Black, Maroon and Charcoal. Candian editions included the charcoal bikes, and foreign editions had gold spoked V700's and V1200's (see them in this foreign brochure)! The California models have emmissions control canisters on the left side of the frame for catching fumes from the gas tank, and they have a 3.2 gallon tank, versus a 3.4 gallon tank for all the rest of them. V700's have the distinctive chrome rear fender and seat rails that go all the way from the top of the rear seat to the bottom of the frame, while V1200's have painted rear fenders which matched the tank and side covers.

What are the 1/4 mile and HP specs for my Madura?
V1200 - Per CYCLE MAGAZINE from Jan. 1986: The V1200 BHP is 89.36 max @ 8500 rpm and the torque is 61.41 max. @ 6000 rpm. In a standing start 1/4 mile, it finishes in 11.75 sec @ 115.06 mph.

It was tested at the time against three other cruisers and came in 3rd place in the 1/4 mile (can you believe that garbage???!!). The test included the Yamaha Vmax (10.99@124.04), Kawasaki Eliminator 900 (11.07@123.25), Suzuki Madura (11.75@115.06), and Honda Magna (11.86@115.96).

V700 - Per CYCLE WORLD MAGAZINE from Sept. 1984: The Madura V700 has an extremely high redline at 10,750rpm. Its quarter mile times of 12.89 seconds at 102.96mph indicate that the 698cc Madura is not quite as fast as most 750's (which I personally believe is a bunch of bull, because I witnessed a Madura V700 beat a Yamaha Seca turbo in a 1/4 mile race, which is what prompted me to buy a Madura in the first place. And ANY OWNER of a Madura will tell you that even the V700 can knock the socks off any other cruiser around! Webmaster).

The back of this Suzuki Brochure has some additional specs on the V1200 (181k).

Here's a V1200 Dyno which had a peak HP rating of 112-115hp!! Courtesy of Craig Englehart (aka CECDOO)

Where can I get parts for my Madura? Does Suzuki still stock Madura parts?
Well, parts are definitely hard to come by, and many essential parts are no longer stocked by Suzuki. The Suzuki parts warehouses still contain some parts, and the parts which are still manufactured by Suzuki happen to fit other bikes (of which more were made), but the remaining supplies are dwindling on parts no longer made. I have successfully ordered parts such as handlebar switches, seat locks, bolt plugs, and other miscellaneous items from my local Suzuki dealer.

But first, check out the Compatible Parts List for commonly replaced parts which you can get from various manufacturers.

For more information, check out the Parts & Manuals page for more sources of parts, to which I will be adding more information in the near future. There are very often Part-Out bikes for sale on the 4 Sale Ads page as well, and many times the owners will take the parts off and sell them individually.

For a list of parts known to be discontinued, check out the bottom of this page from Lee's Parts, Inc.

How do I find out the part numbers for ordering parts?
For V700 owners, see the V700 Parts Diagrams page, and for V1200 owners, see the V1200 Parts Diagrams page, and you'll find the part numbers you need on the diagrams. Then you use the Bike Bandit's Parts Wizard, which is linked to from the top of each of the Parts Diagrams pages. Bike Bandit's Parts Wizard can tell you pricing and availability.

Do parts from the V700 fit the V1200, and vica versa?
Working on the answer.

Can we use Suzuki Cavalcade parts on our Madura?
Working on the answer.

Can I get a larger gas tank for my Madura? What's the gas mileage supposed to be?
Although there is nowhere to purchase larger gas tanks for the Madura, I have seen two custom configurations which increased gas capacity by an additional one to three gallons. Greg Galeles had a tank on one of his V1200's expanded to make it wider, holding a total of more than four gallons. Jon P. Daly replaced the side covers on his Indian V1200 Madura (Indura) with side tanks and a second gas pump, increasing his capacity to around six gallons, giving it a range of over 200 miles per fillup. Other than that, the Madura was not designed as a touring bike, but was rather meant to be a "polite city cruiser." Reports of gas mileage for V1200's go from the low 30's to the mid 40's. If you're getting between 38-42mpg, that's about average.

Where's a good place to get saddle bags for my Madura?
Working on the answer.

My Madura slips or misses gears... what does that mean?
Mine did that when I tried using a synthetic blend engine oil. The clutch-pack springs, disks, and pressure plates are all designed for X amount of friction. When you reduce that friction, the clutch can start to slip. I also experienced missed gears and slipping out of gear. Flushing with, and using, standard oil cured all of the above symptoms in just a couple of oil changes. [submitted by robin 8/31/06]

What's an affordable and reliable company to crate and ship a Madura across the country?
Les Konley had a V1200 shipped via the Packaging Store (, 1-800-525-6309 - ask for Annie) for $743 from California to Colorado. Kjetil in Minnesota has heard Forward Air is good and reasonable for crated MC shipping.

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